Winter Holiday Workshop Series

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Explore our Easter Holiday Program today.

Welcome to Winter. No Jon Snow it’s not coming, it’s here! We can’t wait to be back in the classroom with students in grades K-2 & 3-6, exploring dragon’s lairs and super secret spy clubs. Once again we are keeping classes small, because we believe the best approach is a personal one, so book in fast while spots remain!

Right now we have our Early Bird discount available on all workshops so you can save 15% on the session of your choice, but hurry! This offer ends Sunday 6th June. 

The Dragon’s Lair

For Grades K – 2

Tues 6th Jul 9am-3pm

Have you heard of the town’s cave-dwelling dragon, slumbering soundly while guarding a golden chest? No one knows what’s kept inside, but if you wake the dragon you’re sure for an awful fright! Join us for a day of tip-toeing, spell-casting and dragon-taming, making new friends and creating your very own play. Bring your tails, shields and tasty treats to tame the fire-breathing beast, and we’ll bring the drama!

Darlo Drama
16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst, NSW


  • Creative play and imaginative thinking
  • Projection and articulation
    Writing and staging a short play and remembering blocking
  • Teamwork and ensemble building
  • Harnessing energy in performance

Spy Club

For Grades 3 – 6

Fri 9th Jul, 9am-3pm

Trouble’s on the way, but thank goodness the world’s greatest, youngest and sneakiest spy club is here to keep us safe! They’ve got phones in their shoes, cameras in their hats and jetpacks in their hoodies, and they’re on a mission to fight evil! Join us for a day of themed devising and world creation, as we explore play structure, performance skills, secret handshakes and other top-secret spy business.

Darlo Drama
16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst, NSW


  • Understanding story structure
  • Devising
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Performance skills
  • Improvisation

Creative Kids

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great. To redeem your voucher, email with participant’s name, date of birth and voucher number.

Click here for more information about Creative Kids Vouchers.


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