“Storytelling, and being a part of a community that brings a story to life, takes many different skills, as well as compassion, creativity, and fortitude – and I learnt these things on and behind the stage.”

Life Lessons I’ve Learnt Through The Arts

Today, as we’re at the very beginning of a new year, I want to get reflective and talk about some of the life lessons I have learnt through my years of engagement with the arts, which began when I was five years old and first connected to the theatre.

Adapting Your Performance for Stage and Screen

All in all, whether you’re performing on a stage or for a camera, the same fundamental acting principles apply, but the key differences lie in how you size your performance in terms of the frame you’re acting within and how you rehearse.

Transitioning to the Online Classroom

This article will specifically address adapting to a digital classroom in the context of youth drama workshops, based on research and personal experience as arts educators.

A Gateway Into Shakespeare

Don’t be afraid to make Shakespeare your own, and though he may be considered one of the greatest playwrights to ever live, you won’t do his plays justice if you’re too busy worshipping or fearing them.

Learning Lines

Memorisation is a skill, and it’s something you can sharpen and also something that can get rusty, so best practice is to make it part of your ongoing homework as an actor, and build it into your routine.

Monologues: Selection to Performance

Name a project, it likely contains a monologue, so it makes sense that actors have a good handle of performing them. It’s also worthwhile to have a few up your sleeve for auditioning, as monologues – especially in theatre – often form part of the audition process.

The Benefits of a Dramatic Education

The Arts can no longer be undervalued. We must learn to see them as the necessity that they are, the key to allowing young people to develop wholly and eventually take on and lead a world that we, at the moment, can hardly imagine.

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