Winter holiday workshops now on sale!

Welcome to Jump StART Youth Theatre, founded by New Ghosts Theatre Company! Artistic Director Lucy Clements and Performer Emma Wright bring a wealth of experience to workshops for school-aged youth and educational resources for students and educators, working at the highest levels of Australian youth arts and professional theatre. Lucy and Emma are passionate about bringing their extensive skill sets to the classroom. 

So why should young people engage in drama? Participation in drama fosters growth in emotional literacy, social intelligence, collaborative problem solving and a multitude of interpersonal skills that transfer to everyday life. In today‚Äôs society where industries are constantly reshaping and restructuring, a creative skillset is one of the most valuable assets you can possess. 

Our workshops cater to years K-12 and explore a wide range of topics including performance, group devising, playwriting, directing, and film and television production. There will be an emphasis on unlocking potential, bringing new stories to life and investigating the artistic process from concept to realisation. Imagination and creative play is at the forefront of our teaching as we provide a safe, tolerant, and inclusive space for exploration. 

We create space which supports those aspiring to a future in the arts, and those seeking a fun, social environment to express themselves and try something new. 

Join us to Jump StART a lifelong love of the Arts today!